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Brunch in Blue Eye via My Fajah and Mary!!

Ramblings of an Old Man

One of the great byproducts of sharing the home of my Brother and His Wife is the cooking of my Sister-in-law. She is a real old school kinda chef. Cast Iron pots and pans, glass covered storage containers, old wooden spoons and spatulas, and serving up all this great food on Royal Dalton fine china.

Today was a brunch day, truth be told, everyday is brunch day here in Blue Eye as most of us rise after 9am. I, of course, rise hours earlier, just by my nature. So today was really clean up the leftovers Brunch Day.

Left over hamburger, sharp cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese  squares, onions, tomato slices, cottage cheese, along with Bisquick, eggs, and Milk.

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