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Hotel Chantelle Brunch NYC

A few weeks ago we decided to treat ourselves to a nice couple’s massage on the lower east side of Manhattan and wanted to start the day with some brunch. After reading about Hotel Chantelle in Time Out New York , we decided to give their brunch menu a try.

hotel chantelle, nyc brunch, lower east side, dining, new york restaurants

Yes, you read that right! 92 cent cocktails? Don’t mind if we do…

While there were several scrumptious looking items on this menu, I felt compelled to get something I’d never be able to eat at home, The Maple Jalapeño Sausage:

hotel chantelle, nyc brunch, lower east side, dining, new york restaurants

Served with whipped potatoes, fried brussel sprouts and a sunnyside up egg.

Mi amor went with something a little fancier, The Russ and Daughters Lox Crepe:

hotel chantelle, nyc brunch, lower east side, dining, new york restaurants

With warm goat cheese, sweet red onion, dill crème fraiche

I tasted both of these dishes and, even though I am not a lox fan, they were both incredible. My potatoes were creamy and smooth, the sausage was sweet and savory and who doesn’t love a good runny egg? The crepe was delicate, the cheese was sharp and the crunchy hash brown on top was to die for. I spent the better part of the weekend thinking about these dishes.

But I saved the best part of Hotel Chantelle Brunch for last, this guy:

hotel chantelle, nyc brunch, lower east side, dining, new york restaurants

I love a man in an ascot.

He’s not joking.

If you’re in the mood for a little class, a little jazz and some impossibly delicious cheap cocktails, Hotel Chantelle is your joint. The food’s not bad, either 😉



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Terrific Lady Day, Part Deux

After a lovely girls night replete with piano bars, late night pizza, flirtinis and even later night bacon, how are two ladies expected to spend the morning? With brunch of course! My friend is lucky enough to live directly upstairs from a precious french bistro called Brasserie Julien and wouldn’t ya know it? They serve brunch! We began our meal with bread, duh. And also with two new friends: Mary and Mary 🙂

My new friend Mary... she's tasty.

And my new friend, Melanie.. she's busy

Now I’m no bloody mary connoisseur, as a matter of fact, I’ve only recently taken a liking to them. With that said, this one is probably the best I’ve ever had. It’s tasty and spicy and somehow gives the impression of nutrients, which I desperately needed this particular morning. Speaking of nutrients, here comes our food!

My omelet: chicken, asparagus, goat cheese

Mel's crepe: eggs, chicken, mozzarella

Served with homemade potato chips, salad and fruit all of which make me warm and mushy inside (perhaps the bloody mary helped). The restaurant was beautiful and the service was attentive without feeling rushed — the French have really got that on lock down.
Brasserie Julien also has live jazz music on the weekends and Sunday and Monday are Ladies nights! I heartily recommend it it for brunch and am looking forward to coming here for dinner. Stay tuned.

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