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Thanksgiving, Family and Football

I won the family lottery... don't be jealous 🙂

As we head swiftly into this holiday season, I am reminded of the many Thanksgivings spent with family as a child. Hailing from Texas, I could always count on two things. One, the Cowboys would be playing and two, we would be eating our meal at halftime. Never a chore, spending time with my family has always been and still is a joy. Memories of green bean casserole and my grandma’s dill baked oyster crackers bring a smile to my face and a tug on my heart. I am grateful every day for the uncountable beautiful moments I’ve shared with these wonderful people.

This year will be different. I imagine each of this year’s milestone will be different. I remain grateful because, while I won’t be watching the Cowboys game with my family, we are still connected by football. Obsessing over numerous mid-week adjustments to our fantasy teams and talking trash incessantly will make my mother glad to have missed it. I’m sure she will be spending Thanksgiving enjoying seconds and thirds of calorie-free food and wine, looking over us from way over yonder. Don’t worry, Mom, I will be sure to look over at the cranberry sauce and go “bleh,” for you. Cranberry sauce… bleh.


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