Thailand and Laos: Photos and Fun Facts

A few pictures from our trip to Thailand and Laos with fun facts along the way!
thailand, bangkok, grand palace, travel

Grand Palace: No sexy here.

thailand, hill tribes, weaving, travel

Jared watching an 84-yr old woman weave.

Thailand is a constiutional monarchy with a population of 66 million.

Thailand, laos, butterflies, mariposas

More beautiful flutter-byes than I’ve ever seen.

thailand, grand palace, bangkok

Grand Palace, Bangkok

The King of Thailand is known as King Rama IX. He was born in Cambridge, MA.

laos, vang vieng,  travel, hot air balloon

Vang Vieng from hot-air balloon

Laos is a single-party socialist republic with a population of 6.5 million.

laos, vientiane, capital city, travel, festival, beerlao

Street Festival in Vientiane

The Laotian currency is the “Kip.” It’s conversation rate is 1USD to 8,000KIP.

thailand, bangkok, temple, buddha, buddhism, laos, travel

Wat Pho, Bangkok.

thailand, bangkok, temple, buddha, buddhism, laos, travel

Giant Buddha, Golden Triangle

thailand, bangkok, temple, buddha, buddhism, laos, travel

Jared being a samurai.

buddhism, laos, laotian, buddha, thailand, travel

Monks at sunrise.

A majority of people in both Laos and Thailand practice Buddhism.

thailand, white palace, chiang rai, chiang mai, buddhism, buddha, travel, se asia

White Palace, Chiang Rai

thailand, laos, burma, myanmar, opium, golden triangle

Golden Triange

Thailand’s national sport is “Muay Thai” (Thai Boxing) which incorporates kicks, punches, knees and elbow strikes.

thailand, bangkok, cats, dogs, travel, laos

So many kitties.

laos, vang vieng, blue lagoon, travel

Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng

Laos is completely landlocked. It’s bordered by China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

beerlao, laos, beer

Cold beer!

BeerLao was voted the “Best Beer in Asia” by TIME magazine.



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8 responses to “Thailand and Laos: Photos and Fun Facts

  1. karan khemani

    hi …
    how was vang vieng …was the party nd tubing scene on or off ???

    • I loved Vang Vieng! The tubing was on, although we were warned to be careful because of accidents involving alcohol. Back home we go tubing all the time and people drink, so I wasn’t too concerned. LOVED Vang Vieng.

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  4. Graham Aroyo

    i always believe that buddhism is sort of the religion of peace compared to other religions. buddhism speaks of peace all the time..

    Newly released blog post from our personal blog
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