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Alice’s Tea Cup

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in New York City we, along with two friends of ours, did the most typical thing two couples can do: we went to brunch! And we did at the cutest possible location: Alice’s Tea Cup. This is a Lewis Carroll dream land of a restaurant, complete with mini Cheshire cats atop the tea pots!

This was how cute this place was. Kitties on the tea pots.

After perusing one of the most extensive tea menus I’ve seen in a long time, I decided on a nice Pu-Ehr, to bring me back to my Espresso Royale days. Our couple-dates ordered teas as well: one hot, one iced. And Jared? Well, with a long menu of special blends of different teas in front of him, Jared chose the cup of drip coffee. #thatsmyman

He may not be a tea aficionado, but he is most definitely the premier authority on french toast this side of Steinway Street, so you can imagine his glee when this was set down in front of him:

This was their brioche french toast, cooked bread pudding style. What?

He was speechless as he devoured this crunchy, gooey, berryful mess of yum. His only complaint? Portion sizes too small! Spoken like a proud Jersey boy. Interestingly enough, both the gentlemen on this date ordered sweet breakfasts and both the ladies ordered savory. While many items on the menu looked appetizing, Alice’s had me at “Scones Benedict”:

This was their “Scones Benedict” served over a ham and cheese scone. Yeah.

I resisted the urge to demand photos of our couple-date’s meals, but I assure you a magically delicious time was had by all. In truth, there are few fairer ways to pass a Sunday afternoon in New York City, or in this case, Wonderland. I recommend Alice’s to anyone who still drops a line to their inner child ever now and again. Mine? We’re on speed dial 🙂


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Sunday Brunch

In my house, breakfast reigns supreme. When we have the time, brunch is an event, and during football season, we always make the time. I use this inclusive “we” word loosely as I am only responsible for potatoes and presentation. At dinnertime, I’m typically the queen of the kitchen, but in the AM, my king takes over. He  does breakfast right. Below is a typical Sunday morning feast on 46th street.

Jared breaking eggs for french toast and to scramble. He mixes the egg with milk and cinnamon for the toast. There may be other steps involved. I'm generally asked to leave the kitchen.

Chop potato(es). Mix olive oil in a bowl with salt, pepper and whatever else you like. Coat potatoes in oil. Add sliced onions and chopped garlic and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes (stir halfway through).

He crusts the french toast in nuts, puts the heat on med-high, adds butter and frys those mothers up. BAM!

Lower the heat and grill up your bacon (turkey back in this case) until it's at your preferred level of crispiness.

















Scrambled eggs are pretty self-explanatory and no brunch is complete without berries (or mimosas!)

Just another delicious day in Astoria… What are your favorite brunch items?


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