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Nothing in the house to eat?

Time to get creative!!

Someone decided to go play poker last night and since it was raining, I decided to stay in. There was only one little problem… we hadn’t hardly any food in the house! I was encouraged to look around the house for leftovers and come up with something great, “You can blog about it!” he assured me.

Challenge accepted.

The contents of my refrigerator were looking rather bleak, but I managed to rummage up the following:

I found four slices of turkey bacon, a small hunk of leftover brie, half a tomato and half an avocado. Thank goodness we always have bread.

I also had one russet potato, which I sliced thin, drenched in butter and baked at 475 degrees for 20 minutes (stirring halfway through).








It doesn’t look like much, but I had a vision… a vision of a world in which I would create the most delicious sandwich. I don’t know everything about sandwiches, but I know a thing or two about delicious and it begins with butter.


After frying the bacon, I assembled the sandwich with the sliced brie, tomatoes and avocado. Then I filled the skillet with butter and fried that baby up!

After sprinkling the chips with salt and pepper, adding a little side salad, in this end this was my creation. It was a cheesy, crunchy cool mouthful of yum.

Remember to keep a close eye on the potato chips (they burn super easily!) and nights like this are yet another reason to always have salad in the fridge.




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Sunday Brunch

In my house, breakfast reigns supreme. When we have the time, brunch is an event, and during football season, we always make the time. I use this inclusive “we” word loosely as I am only responsible for potatoes and presentation. At dinnertime, I’m typically the queen of the kitchen, but in the AM, my king takes over. He  does breakfast right. Below is a typical Sunday morning feast on 46th street.

Jared breaking eggs for french toast and to scramble. He mixes the egg with milk and cinnamon for the toast. There may be other steps involved. I'm generally asked to leave the kitchen.

Chop potato(es). Mix olive oil in a bowl with salt, pepper and whatever else you like. Coat potatoes in oil. Add sliced onions and chopped garlic and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes (stir halfway through).

He crusts the french toast in nuts, puts the heat on med-high, adds butter and frys those mothers up. BAM!

Lower the heat and grill up your bacon (turkey back in this case) until it's at your preferred level of crispiness.

















Scrambled eggs are pretty self-explanatory and no brunch is complete without berries (or mimosas!)

Just another delicious day in Astoria… What are your favorite brunch items?


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