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Raw fish and me? We’re married.

Truth is, I’ve never met a raw fish I didn’t like. Sushi, sashimi, ceviche, oysters, nom nom nom. But because I don’t have a professional fisherperson in my friend group (a position for which I am accepting applications by the way) the only dish I feel confident making at home is ceviche. I tell myself it’s safer from a tummy perspective because the fish “cooks” in the citrus but I honestly don’t have any evidence to back up that claim. It’s never made me sick, so that’s an n of 1 — but whatever, I’m the boss. I’ve also made ceviche before and know that it meets all the Whole 30 requirements so I will probably make it once a week at minimum just so I have something to look forward to. My life is V exciting.

Normally I make it with soy sauce and pickled ginger but those are no-no’s, so this recipe has a bit more apple cider vinegar, a touch of sesame oil and fresh ginger. I also added mango for sweetness — will be continuing that in the future. Also in my plans for eating more mango will be learning how to cut mango.


1. Chop or thinly slice: shallot, jalapeño, onion, mint and/or cilantro

2. Cut into cubes: cucumber, avocado, mango

3. Mix above items in bowl with apple cider vinegar

4. Take skin off salmon (just pull it off, much easier than you think) and cut into cubes

5. Put salmon cubes into separate bowl with lemon and/or lime juice, apple cider vinegar, and finely chopped ginger (normally I would also use soy sauce here, but instead I added a few drops of sesame oil). I also like to add wasabi, but found tonight that this really works much better with the soy sauce.

6. Salmon should be completely covered by the liquid — sit in fridge to “cook” for 10 minutes.

7, In the meantime, I like to crisp up the salmon skin on the stove for a little crunch, if that’s not your thing, maybe add some tortilla chips into the mix? Your call.

8. I put my ceviche over greens, tonight it was kale. Add salt. Then add some more. If your food tastes bleh, 87% of the time it’s because you didn’t season it correctly. Spices are everything.

Jared thought this ceviche was really good, I missed the soy quite a bit. He also wanted to add asparagus (to this and literally everything else we make) so I’ll be carrying on as captain of this ship for now. 3 days down. 20 to go. Math is hard.

Yes, we put kombucha into wine glasses. Cause we classy AF.



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Sushi Samba Restaurant Week

You may remember from the Spring that when Restaurant Week comes to town, I try to take advantage. I’m lucky enough to have a foodie friend who is always down to play Restaurant Week with me! We decided to do lunch at Sushi Samba 7 in the West Village this time around. It’s only twice a year you can get a 3-course meal, specifically designed to highlight the chef’s talents, for $24.

My date opted to get the heirloom tomato salad, which she ate with chopsticks, like a boss:

sushi samba, sushi, sushi samba park, restaurant week, nyc, restaurants, new york city, samba split

I was smart enough to order an appetizer I could eat with my hands, short rib lettuce cups with red onion and cilantro, yeah: sushi samba, sushi, sushi samba park, restaurant week, nyc, restaurants, new york city, samba split

For our main courses, we both chose the sushi plate, which was a chef’s selection of sushi along with a special tempura roll with a yummy wasabi mayo dipping sauce:sushi samba, sushi, sushi samba park, restaurant week, nyc, restaurants, new york city, samba split

The dessert section of this menu is what made me want to come here. I just had to try this concoction, called the “Samba Split”:
sushi samba, sushi, sushi samba park, restaurant week, nyc, restaurants, new york city, samba split


My date ordered this mocha shake of sorts, which I tasted, and it was terrific, too:
sushi samba, sushi, sushi samba park, restaurant week, nyc, restaurants, new york city, samba split We were lucky enough to pick a beautifully sunshiny day for this fanciful adventure. We sat outside and relished being ladies who lunch.

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Sake it to me! (Or sushi it, rather)

In light of this unseasonable warm day, I had to take a late afternoon stroll through Astoria. I strolled and strolled and just when I began to feel peckish, I happened upon a lovely sake bar. After a very productive day, work-wise, I decided a little treat was in order. I sat down at Yamashiro Sake Bar on Steinway street and ordered a Sapporo and some edamame while I perused the menu.

3027 STEINWAY ST -- They deliver!

Edamame+a book+a brew=Perfection

Having only recently begun my obsession with sushi, I haven’t been overly adventurous and I didn’t figure today was the day to start. I did however choose tuna, something I don’t usually do. Of course, I only chose tuna because it was smashed between salmon and avocado (the two great loves of my life). I ordered the Yamashiro Wasabi roll which, as I said, is tuna, salmon and avocado but with wasabi caviar. I’m still not sure if this is actual caviar or wasabi designed to look like caviar, but it was spicy and delicious and I’d order it again in a second.

Yamashiro Wasabi Roll -- So pretty!

I love the inside of sushi... so delicate.

Decor-wise, the restaurant was elegant with simple black furniture and really special fish tanks. The prices were decent and the service? Impeccable.  The very attentive server consistently refilled both my water and beer glass. I sat for nearly an hour reading my book and munching slowly and I didn’t feel the least bit rushed. It was the perfect compliment to this perfect day.


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Terrific Lady Day!

It’s Restaurant Week again in NYC which means it’s time to TREAT YO SELF. And since, like Tom and Donna, I am a relaxation professional, I knew exactly which sense to satisfy: taste.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve developed a small obsession with sushi. This mixed with the fact that I still miss the taste of Pisco Sours made Sushi Samba the perfect location for me and my new lady friend’s Terrific Lady Day!

Sushi Samba is a celebration of three cultures: Peruvian, Brazilian and Japanese, so sayeth our overly caffeinated and wide-eyed server. But let me start at the beginning:

We met early for happy hour and girl talk and then sat down in a beautiful dining room with a presentation kitchen in the center.

Edamame and a couple of fancy cocktails. Mine's tequila, cause I'm from Texas.

Because we started our Fantastic Lady Day with happy hour Piscos and began our meal with these lovely beverages, I forgot to take photos of our appetizers. My bizzle. I’ll do my best to paint you a word picture:

Mine was queso fresco and rice croquettes, which were crunchy, warm, gooey and yumsies sauce. My lovely date is of the french persuasion, so she opted for the plum sake foie gras, which was served cold with some greens. Both were beautiful plates of food. We decided to go halfsies on the apps, and while the foie was pretty good, the croquettes really did it for me.

Main Courses:

This is the sushi assortment along with a latin-fusion tempura roll. Nummy!

This is the seared striped bass with squid ink risotto. Clearly my date was more adventurous than I.

Dessert Courses:

This is a ginger and brazil nut crumble with ice cream. Delish!

This was a tres leches cake... also quite delicious!









Not too shabby an evening for two ladies on the town! Restaurant Week, you have my heart ❤

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